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10 reasons to fall in love with camping

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If you’d asked me to go camping a few years ago, I would have just laughed and politely declined. It was just never my thing and after some pretty rough experiences in the UK, they made me never go there again.

Until I moved to Australia.

Australia was just born camping ready! The environment, the weather and the vast amount of stunning locations make camping easy – it really is just easy.

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But it isn’t just about Australian camping. It’s not just about choosing from a sleeping bag to a motor home. Or about how far you travel from just down the road to all the way around the world. It’s about the personal gains that camping brings.

If you asked me now to go camping, just try to stop me. Whether in Australia, the UK or anywhere in the world, this newfound love will travel wherever we go.

Worried about it being busy at your chosen location? Check out this post about top tips to help with a busy campground.

Here’s a list of top 10 reasons to fall in love with camping from personal experiences:

1. There’s a whole new world out there

Camping takes you to places you wouldn’t normally go. Untouched locations, with jaw-dropping views, that you just can’t always get in hotels.

You choose where to go. And exactly the view you want.

It’s also easier as a last minute decision to go camping. I love planning my life around the next camping trip, but sometimes things happen where I decide to up and go within hours. With no hotels to find with availability or wait for responses from Airbnb hosts, it’s easy to just pack up and go.

Campfire on the beach #camping #beachcamping #loveoutdoors

2. Appreciate the outdoors

I’m not exactly what you would call true ‘nature’ lovers, I’ll be honest with that one. But I do have a love for the ocean and that’s exactly where camping takes me. And pretty damn close too!

But there are also other perks…

  • Breakfast with Kangaroos? Tick.
  • Kookaburra’s as a natural alarm clock before sunrise? Tick.
  • Perfect start to a new day? Tick.

Try not to get caught in the trap of always being caught up in 4 walls… it’s too easy and makes us forget what living is really all about.

Camping within the forest with a morning coffee #camping #morningcoffee #lovecamping #wakeuprefreshed

3. Take away the distraction

Being at home is a distraction. There is always something to do. A TV that is too easy to turn on. A to-do list that is as long as your arm.

Take away the hustle and bustle of life and just enjoy being in the moment. This is what real camping is about. Swap the electric TV for the campfire TV, it’s worth it.

Campfire glowing #camping #reasonstolovecamping #outdoortv
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Rapid Bay Campground

4. Take it back to basics

I have always been reasonably materialist. I thought that would always be me. Camping has completely changed that.

Learn how to be a minimalist and realise how little it actually takes to live from. It really isn’t much.

But do this within your own comfort zone.

I don’t think I would be writing this if all I had to camp with was just a sleeping bag and pillow. It may have slightly glamped my camping up a bit to make it more comfortable, but it is still much less than I have at home. Still having my phone, I’m writing this from a laptop in the middle of the forest, I have a toilet with working flush and bacon – always have bacon. Oh, and beer.

Learn how to go off-grid. It’s taken me some time to get there and work out what works, but soon, I could potentially camp for weeks at a time without the need to go anywhere near civilisation. How amazing would that be!

5. Be active

Camping is about naturally being active. Not only from the exploring side of walking, hiking, swimming, kayaking and boating in all these new places, but also just from setting up camp, pitching the tent, running away from the smoke in your face from the fire or just exploring what is around the area.

Camping also means a night of better sleep. Sleeping outdoors is known for being better for you. You tune in much better with natural daylight. And with all that activity, you’ll be zzz’ding in no time.

Go exploring with friends, family and loved ones #camping #outdoors #explore

6. Time to reflect

Life has its array of stresses and we all deserve to give ourselves time to stop and reflect. Change the pace and give yourself time to reflect.

I’ve made some life inspiring decisions whilst camping because I was relaxed enough to reflect properly. At home, wound up like a clockwork bunny, it’s much harder to make any sort of decision.

Listening to the sounds around you, the peace and quiet, day and night, is perfect to switch off, unwind and appreciate life for everything it has to offer.

Take the time to refresh yourself before going back to everyday life. You’ll thank yourself for it.

Tip – for ultimate relaxation, head to more remote locations with fewer people. Trust me when I say peace and quiet can often be difficult to find in big caravan parks!

Selected Just For You:
Big4 Port Fairy Holiday Park

7. Time with loved ones

Whether the 2 legged kind or the 4 legged fur babies, camping is a great time to bond and feel reconnected. There are plenty of campsites that are pet-friendly and what a way to spend an adventure with them too.

For me, when camping with a loved one, it’s about stopping being too busy for each other. This is not something we do consciously or proud of, it’s just because life takes over. We know when we go camping, it’s just about us.

Enjoy spending time doing things you love. Whether it’s just socialising, or finding activities for everyone to enjoy. Learn new skills and create new memories that will last a lifetime.

Spend time with those you love #camping #petfriendly #loveoutdoors

8. It’s affordable

You could buy enough camping gear to last you a year for the same cost as a couple of nights in a hotel. Or go one better – I asked for a tent and a few camping bits for Christmas. My Mum bought a camp bed. That’s all that was needed.

If you really aren’t sure if you want to spend money on camping just yet, borrow stuff. Someone you know will no doubt have something tucked away so you can get out and try it yourself. Just ask. I recently did this with a colleague – I wanted to see how I got on sleeping in a swag instead of a tent. So I asked around and Amy and her partner kindly lent me one. It’s now on my wish list! Thanks Amy.

Grab enough food and drink for your camping trip, put some fuel in your tank and the rest can cost you nothing. This will depend on where you want to camp, but even caravan parks don’t cost much for a powered or unpowered site. Especially in comparison to a hotel or Airbnb for the night.

9. Cooking outdoors just tastes better

Nothing beats a cooked breakfast made over hot coals from a toasty warm fire. Fact!

Camping meals are fun and can be as creative as you like. Learn new ways of cooking. Throw ingredients together you never thought of before. Do things differently than you would at home. That taste will be totally satisfying. And it always beats that UberEats!

Cooking on the fire when camping #camping #outdoorcooking #lovecamping

10. Shooting stars and the Milky Way

How many times can you say you’ve seen the Milky Way? I’ve gone from never, to now more times than I can count on one hand in less than a year. And it will never get boring.

Get out of the city light pollution and realise just how big the universe really is. It’s stunning.  Beautiful. Mesmerising. Now just imagine falling asleep underneath all those stars.

And all those shooting stars. Wow. From one side to the other. As far as the eye can see. They never stop.

Camping can make you feel small and insignificant. You become to realise how much more there is around you. Try this and see how it makes you think differently. Work out what’s important, and what’s not.

Camping under the stars #camping #stars #lovetheoutdoors
Selected Just For You:
Glamping at Big4 Naracoorte Holiday Park

Young, old, big, little, happy or grumpy, everyone can enjoy camping. It’s versatile, you just need to find a way that works for you.

It’s also sociable. As an introvert, I find myself talking to more people when we go camping. Everyone loves to share their experiences and passion for being outdoors. And who knows who you might meet along the way!

And if I can convince my Mother, who would never go camping in a million years, in fact, make that a trillion years, to drive from Adelaide to the red, hot centre of Australia, Alice Springs next year for 10 days… in a motor home… absolutely anyone can do it. Love you Mum – you are amazing for giving it a go!

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Not convinced yet?

Try Glamping. This is becoming more and more popular, and you won’t even feel like your actually camping. But you do get all the benefits of being outdoors, off the beaten track and that’s what it’s all about.

And don’t just take our word for it! Check out these 35 amazing benefits of camping, according to science – now there is some serious proof that camping is good for you! There are also 10 great tips for beginners in the same post, just in case you’re not 100% confident in giving it a go!

We’d love to hear about your experiences so leave us a comment below! Everyone’s experiences are different, and that’s what makes it so special.

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  1. I would love to go camping in Australia and have kangaroos next to me during breakfast time. How awesome! Love your reasons for camping. It’s something that I haven’t done much of but it is enjoyable when I do go camping. Plus, having a campfire and making s’mores is a highlight.

    1. Thanks Jackie! Camping in Australia has certainly changed the way we travel and appreciate the outdoors a lot more! I’d swap an electronic TV for a campfire TV any day of the week! Hopefully, you can manage to get to go camping more and keep enjoying it 🙂

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