About Us

Two women. Experiencing more. Travelling more. Boating more. Camping more.

Hi! We’re Gill & Sara. Since meeting in 2016, we have been sharing our passion for everything travelling, boating, camping and just being on or by the water ever since. Thanks for dropping by to find out more about us!

About Us
Gill and Sara doing their life jacket thing!
Gill onboard Guava - Adelaide Sailing School
Hi, I’m Gill. Nice to meet you
Sara driving her boat
Hi, I’m Sara. Nice to meet you

What is this blog all about?

We found ourselves wanting to travel more and share our experiences with you, as inspiration and ideas of how you could do the same. Whether it be for exploring the world, venturing around your own country or just having those extra weekend getaways to enjoy that sense of freedom. Even in your backyard if you wanted to!

From getting out on the water to glamping in the wilderness, we’ll post the best of, how to’s and reviews of things we’ve experienced – good and bad!

The best destination guides and advice!

As we visit places closer to home, to begin with, we’ll share the best destination guides with you. Then as we travel, we’ll share even more!

These aren’t your typical destination guides though. They are water-themed, whether it be the ocean, lakes or rivers, as the absolute focus. We’re not history buffs, and whilst we enjoy finding out about the culture, we don’t necessarily go looking for it. Instead, we just want to get out on the water and see it all from a different perspective.

If you’re looking for boat trips, cruises or water activities in a certain area, often the information is all over the place, hard to find, out of date or the link to the websites are broken. It’s frustrating.

So instead, we’ll be building the best list and guides on how to enjoy your experience and get the most out of it. From how to get on the water, boat trips, cruises, water sports, activities and fishing, to grabbing a bite to eat on the waterfront, camping on the beach and the best accommodation with a view. We’ll also be sharing the best deals and where to find them.

What is the ‘no anchor’ all about?

No anchor, to us, means being constantly on the move, looking for the next new adventure. It also represents the water and boating side of the blog. Don’t take it too literally though, especially when out in the boat fishing!

It also has a ‘metaphorical’ meaning as well. Anchors in life, such as lack of savings, mortgages repayments, jobs, fear, insecurities and lack of direction can all weigh you down to prevent you from doing what you really want.

White stickman drags anchor behind them
Image credit: JasonBraiser.net

We all have anchors, some you can lift up and carry without too many worries, but some can really get in the way. We’ll share what has been our anchors and what we’ve done to work with them, rather than against them, to be able to work towards our dream and help you do the same.

We’re becoming big believers in the Minimalist lifestyle. It has helped us really understand what is important to us, what we value most and have made some serious cash savings along the way, as well as reduced stress levels!

We haven’t decided yet how exactly we are going to explore Australia and as we explore these options, we want to share them with you, whether it be working whilst travelling, saving enough to live from, building a remote business, travelling by car, camper trailer, caravan or campervan, cruise or boat – there are so many ways of being able to travel and everyone is different in their own personal preference.

From us to you… Happy Boating and Happy Camping!


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