Big Wedgie Inflatable Water Slide Adelaide

Adelaide’s favourite outdoor Water Park is back!

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Who doesn’t love a good outdoor inflatable Water Park during the summer? South Australia’s favourite outdoor Water Park, the Big Wedgie in Adelaide, will be back for Summer 2022/23 – from 10th December 2022 until the end of February 2023. The Big Wedgie is just one of a long list of best waterparks in Adelaide.

Ready to get wedgied? Adelaide
Ready to get wedgied?

Anyone driving along Military Road, West Beach cannot miss these giant inflatable slides standing proud amongst the West Beach Parks Resort. Located just 20 minutes from Adelaide’s CBD, or just 10 minutes from the popular area of Glenelg, the Big Wedgie invites you for a summer of fun.

West Beach Adelaide Outdoor Inflatable Water Park Slides
Which water slide will you choose first?!
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The Water Park and tickets

The Water Park is free to enter, whilst a range of tickets are available to ride the waterslides. This is great for family members who want to come along to enjoy the action but not pay just for being a spectator.

Tip:  Tickets are available for unlimited rides during set periods of time, or for a certain number of slides. Find out how busy the water park is first before committing to periods of time – you may get more value for money purchasing several rides if the queues are long. You can easily buy tickets once in the park, which is reasonably priced too.

There is plenty of seating and shade around the water park to comfortably enjoy a morning, afternoon or even longer here. Bring along a picnic and make a day of it! Light refreshments are available from the kiosk. And if the kids; the big ones, the little ones and the grown-up ones are having such a great time, there is no reason why you can’t buy more tickets throughout the day!

Adelaide Outdoor Inflatable Water Park Slides
Adelaide Water Slides

As a play on the word ‘Wedgie’, it’s hard not to leave one of these water slides without one!

Wedgie Water Park Adelaide

And for a good reason too! The Big Wedgie Adelaide is officially the world’s tallest and most extreme inflatable waterside! Standing at an impressive 18.2m tall and 82m long, its 55 degrees downwards slope will leave your stomach at the top, whilst giving you that all-important wedgie on the way down! And as a 3 lane racer, you really can go against others to get the biggest and fastest wedgie!

Tip: Don’t put anything in your pockets if wearing shorts. We’ve learnt the hard way that we’re pretty sure it won’t be there when you reach the bottom!

Big Wedgie Water Slide Adelaide, are you ready?!
The Big Wedgie, Adelaide
Outdoor Water Park Adelaide South Australia
Splashdown! Adelaide Inflatable Water Slides

If you want a waterslide with a difference, try the Big Chucka! As the name suggests, this one literally does chuck you off at the end! It’s the most extreme slide available with an 80-degree drop, then hurtling you up to 9m in the air before crash landing on the inflatable pad. We suggest not eating before this crazy ride!

If these two slides seem a little too much, there is also the Just Right Wedgie, offering smiles for kids ages 3 years and up. Or the Little Wedgie is just perfect for kids aged 3-5 years! There is also the Little Skidda, an inflatable slip ‘n’ slide so there really is something for all the family.

Water Park Adelaide South Australia
The Just Right Wedgie, Adelaide
Little Wedgie Water Slide Adelaide
The Little Wedgie, Adelaide

You can check out the rules and restrictions for each ride here.

Looking to organise a celebration with a splash? The Water Park also offers birthday party events and group bookingscontact them for more details.

In the area and want even more water activities? Read the Ultimate Guide to Glenelg Beach for Water Lovers, find the top boat tours and water experiences in Adelaide or hire a boat to see Adelaide from its stunning coastline.

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Who doesn't love a good outdoor inflatable Water Park during the summer? Adelaide's favourite outdoor Water Park, the Big Wedgie is back! Find out more about this free to enter Water Park at West Beach, Adelaide #adelaide #familyfun #wateractivites #southaustralia #waterpark #thingstodoadelaide #inflatables #waterfun

Have you been to Adelaide’s favourite outdoor Water Park? Thinking about going on these giant water slides? We’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below.

Enjoy the splash! 💦


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