Jono on his Wild Ride Jet Ski Hire, West Beach, Adelaide

Chase that feeling with Wild Rides Jet Ski Tours

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***This post was written when Wild Rides Jet Ski Tours were based in West Beach, Adelaide during 2020/21. The photos may reflect this, however text has been updated to highlight what they now offer. Photos are there for illustrative purposes and to show the jet skis in action***

Wild Rides has bought an adrenaline Jet Ski experience in Adelaide that has been a long time missing! Wild Rides Jet Ski hire with guided tours is now available from West Beach. Just 20 minutes from the CBD and 10 minutes from the popular tourist destination of Glenelg, ideally and centrally located.

Wild Ride Jet Ski Tours at West Beach, Adelaide

This is a great watercraft experience that you don’t require a boat licence for. As these are guided tours offered, under Wild Rides’ supervision, just photo proof of ID is needed for the agreement. No experience is needed, so if you’ve never given it a go, now is the time! With 2 jet skis available, these are personalised tours with your ability in mind at all times.

I was lucky enough to spend the afternoon with them to find out what Wild Rides was all about, the exciting experiences they offer and what to expect from one of their Wild Rides! I even got a surprise treat to join in their photoshoot, which I must admit, was a lot of fun!

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Who are Wild Rides?

The story behind the creation of Wild Rides is charismatic, influencing and part of a bigger vision for the makers behind it. Jono, and his partner, Koby, both of who are still currently working hard full-time, are relentlessly getting behind Wild Rides to make it a success. It’s not just a success for them; it’s a success to ensure others can experience the same sense of freedom and happiness they have. After travelling around Australia, they wanted to share that feeling and the excitement it bought. In their words… to “Chase that feeling”. And what better way to do it than on a jet ski in Adelaide! All without the need for a boat licence!

Jono on his Wild Ride Jet Ski Hire, West Beach, Adelaide

South Australia and its weather patterns, especially the south-westerly winds, make offering a Jet Ski Hire service in Adelaide challenging. It relies on making the most of when conditions are ideal. The State can’t rely on the idyllic weather that the East Coast States enjoy, where there is an abundance of jet ski hire operators available. This makes it even more important to try and support this great South Australian business and the future of its success.

However, this hasn’t put Jono and his team off from making this a huge winner in Adelaide. Wild Rides, a play on Jono’s surname, Wildman, sets them up for a bigger future. The company has not just been called Wild Rides Jet Ski for a reason! Their vision is clear – to become a leader in the hire industry and really make their mark, especially in Adelaide. Wild Rides is certainly here to stay, whether on or off the water; there is a lot more to come from this new adventure rental.

Update – the South Australian weather patterns have played a big part in Jono and the team moving to the River Murray, just outside Murray Bridge in 2021/22. This move will allow for better conditions on the river, with a safer and more enjoyable ride for all.

Jet Ski Hire Adelaide, Glenelg, South Australia

Anyone watching Jono out on the water with his own black Sea-Doo Spark jet ski would be easily convinced that he has owned a jet ski for a very long time. A whole mere 9 months in fact before setting up Wild Rides! This short amount of time shows his passion for this water sport and his enthusiasm to share the same experience he gets out on the water. It’s not just Jono that loves to hit the open waves. Both Koby and his brother Jordan join the team on weekends for support and have that inner smile beaming out of them whenever they head into the water to jump on a ski!

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What’s on offer with Wild Rides Jet Ski hire and where to find them?

As it currently stands, Wild Rides offers Adelaide Jet Ski Hire through guided tours and Stand Up Paddleboard hire from the gorgeous Riverglen Marina. Head 50 minutes north on the Freeway out of Adelaide and you’ll find this well-signposted marina in the big river country. 

As well as boat ramp accessibility, Riverglen Marina offers a range of on-site and moored river accommodation – perfect to make a weekend of this experience. Their marina also offers good availability of houseboats, cruisers and small boats to make getting out on the water even easier. 

With plenty of local attractions in the area including water sports, fishing, river cruises, Tailem Bend Motorsport Park, Monorto Zoo, Murray Bridge and more, it’s easy to see why this is a perfect location to explore this stunning part of the Riverland.

Wild Rides have taken their 2 new Sea-Doo Jet Skis up to the marina with them, and now offer 3 unique and exciting tours along the majestic River Murray.

The Sea-Doo Jet Skis for hire

These 2 brand new (2021) Sea-Doo GTI jet skis are among the best in the market. Ideal for hiring, they are super stable, unbelievably safe and have easy controls to operate. The hull is wider than the traditional Sea-Doo Sparks at 125cm wide, compared to 118cm. This makes the jet ski feel more capable of handling the waves as you twist and turn.

It feels light for its size when riding. Handles even better than I thought. With a lower centre of gravity, it gives you confidence when riding at speed. Wild Rides made a good decision to go for the 130HP, instead of the smaller 90HP engine. River riding is a lot smoother without the waves unless you create them! However, having the 130HP gives you that extra power when needed to cut over the waves, making for a better ride! And it just sounds amazing! You’ll find it hard to find other jet skis for hire on the river with this kind of power!

Wild Rides Jet Skis in the water at West Beach

The Ergolock Seat is really comfortable, especially for those longer tours. The larger platform at the rear is perfect for boarding, both in shallow and deeper waters. And you’ll be glad of the watertight compartment to keep electronic devices in.

Jono and the team also keep a couple of sealed water bottles in this compartment for you during the tour (there is nothing like a mouthful of river water to get rid of!). There is plenty more space for a phone and/or waterproof camera. You could also put in here some sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, etc. for those longer tours.

Brand New Sea-Doo GTI 130 Jet Ski in the water

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What Jet Ski Tours are available?

In true Jet Ski Safari fashion, Wild Rides offers a good range of Jet Ski guided tours. Tours are available for 4 people – 2 people per jet ski (speak to the team if you have a passenger that you’d like to join Jono on his jet ski). However, they also have a private tour if this is what you are looking for.

Here’s a brief description of each one:

The Wild Ride

This Wild Ride tour has been increased to 60minutes and can accommodate up to 2 people on the same ski for a great taster experience of jet skiing on the river. Follow Jono as you twist and turn, jumping over his and your waves, making a serious splash. Enjoy some time making your own moves and soak in the riverbank vibes from a different angle. Want to swap drivers? Just let your guide know so you can easily switch during the tour. This jet ski tour is a great experience to cool down on those hot summer days, with a shot of adrenaline thrown in! Perfect if you are on a budget, especially if sharing the cost with your other passenger.

Ultimate Adventure Tour

Take to the majestic Murray and see the local picturesque riverbanks like never before. This 90-minute tour, accommodating up to 2 people on one jet ski, takes you on a scenic route to Riverglades and Woodlane; enjoying some of the best views. This tour is all about pure excitement. Take some time out to create your own waves and see how high you can jump! You won’t want the fun to stop on this tour which is a blend of excitement and stunning scenery for an experience you won’t forget.

Fun on the Jet Skis with Wild Rides Jet Ski Hire, Adelaide, South Australia

Discovery Private Tour

This 3-hour tour is the ultimate jet ski safari experience, also available for up to 2 people per jet ski but a minimum of 2 jet skis need to be hired. Enjoy the best value for money tour as you head north past Murray Bridge, taking in views of Woodlane, Riverglades and more. Glide past the numerous houseboats and fishing tinnies as you see fishing rods bobbing and sinking in lures for the catch of the day. Blast past the stunning cliff formations, taking in the panoramic views of the river. 

Take a breather as you tuck into a dining experience at Wellington Hotel. Soak in the views as you enjoy the well deserved ice-cold drink and gorgeous food in their alfresco dining area. Recharged your batteries? It’s time for the adrenaline rushing ride back to Riverglen Marina.

This really is the ultimate jet ski experience in South Australia and one not to be missed! Explore areas not often found in seen by land; you will definitely want your waterproof camera for this one!

What to expect when jumping on a jet ski hire tour?

Booking has been made easy with Wild Rides’ simple online booking system for jet ski tours. Browse through their different jet ski options and find a suitable date and time available. You can also book gift vouchers online through their website.

For SUP hire, contact Wild Rides directly to reserve a time. Alternatively, head down to their location at Riverglen Marina and organise a booking directly with the team.

What I love about Wild Rides is their transparency with pricing. What you see is exactly what you pay. There are small taxes and fees charged online (as there is with most things when booking online!), but there are no extra costs for an additional passenger on the same jet ski or insurance costs. This makes a refreshing change from some other operators I have skied with, where the price can rocket quite high. Wild Rides is affordable. It’s great value for money, especially considering the costs to run a watersports business. Another reason that Wild Rides is true to their vision; that they want everyone to “Chase that feeling”.

Jet Ski Hire Adelaide from the water, West Beach

Sometimes the weather just isn’t in your favour. If Wild Rides have no choice but to cancel the tour, you will be offered an alternative day or a full refund. However, if you decide to cancel, make sure you do by 6 pm of the day before to receive a voucher of the value of the tour purchased. Any time after this, and you risk losing 100% of the value. If in doubt, or you need to change the date, speak to the team who will be more than happy to help.

Once you arrive at the Wild Rides, you’ll be met by the friendly team. Time to get the formal stuff out the way. Fill in a super easy electronic form with personal details, a form of photo ID and disclaimer confirmation that you are about to undertake a watersport that comes with some risks. This is the normal practice within the hire industry. It is pretty routine, as long as you take some common sense out on the water with you! A copy of this paperwork can easily be emailed to you for reference.

With that out the way, it’s time to get kitted up with a personal flotation device for each person, or lifejacket for want of a better word jazzed up in the Wild Rides brand colour. They do look pretty damn smart! Now, who’s excited about getting out on the water??!!

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Head down to the jet ski’s, and you’ll be taken through a safety briefing and instruction on how to operate. Even if you have all the jet ski experience in the world, it is still the team’s responsibility to take you through this as you are under their supervision. Wild Rides is about making the experience as enjoyable as possible, so it’s all about you and the pace you want to go.

Whilst the skis are easy to operate, still take on board their controls, where to find things, the step at the rear of the ski to get back on if you end up in the drink (fun but sure you won’t with how stable they are) and the important safety features, including the emergency stop. Whilst Jono or a member of the team will be out on the water with you; sometimes it may be hard to shout from a distance so you’ll want to have some basic knowledge. Take as much time with this briefing and instruction to ensure you understand.

Wild Ride Jet Ski Hire instruction before hiting the water

Once the briefing is complete, push the jet ski’s out into the water slightly and hop on! If this is the first time on a jet ski or you just want to get familiar with the operation, let Jono or a team member know so you can have some time close to the shoreline getting used to it. Operating a watercraft, jet ski or boat is quite a strange feeling if not done before. It’s not the same as a car or motorbike. These react quickly to turning or stopping as there is grip on the road. Water is quite hard to grip onto! But that’s not to say it is difficult; it’s just different. Get used to the feeling, how the jet ski turns, accelerates and brakes. You’ll be a dab hand in no time!

That’s it, you’re off! For most of the tour, you’ll be following your guide on their own jet ski. Watch out for the waves his ski leaves behind them, as you jump and splash about around them. They will keep an eye on things throughout. They will slow down or speed up according to how you are getting on. During the tour, a simple arm raised by yourself means they will stop and make their way back to you. If you are wondering, this is easy to see in the good-sized rear wing mirrors available on the jet skis.

Out on the water with Wild Rides Jet Ski Hire Adelaide

Whilst on any of the tours, make sure you enjoy some free time. Take a blast on some smooth waters, or doughnuts are always a good one to jump your own waves – just be prepared to get wet! They will just keep an observant eye from afar to ensure everything is ok. Throughout the tour, it will be ensured you are having the best time, according to your expectations and ability.

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Who can ride these Jet Skis for hire?

Please remember with any watercraft sport; there is a requirement for a reasonable level of fitness. You will need to get up onto the jet ski in shallow water, but also be able to climb back on board in case you do come off in the ocean. There is a small ladder at the back of the ski to make this easier. There’s also the fitness and concentration needed to operate the jet ski for a while on longer tours. It looks like fun from watching from afar, but with the sun beaming down, the wind blasting and the adrenaline pumping, I have no doubt you’ll be just a little tired after!

Fun on the Jet Skis with Wild Rides Jet Ski Hire, Adelaide, South Australia

To hire the jet ski as a rider, the minimum age is 16 years old – with a parent or guardian’s signature if under 18 years old. Passengers under 16 can accompany a parent or guardian, with the minimum passenger age being 12 years old (for insurance reasons). If there are 3 of you wanting to go out, why not ask the team if another passenger can go out with Jono to ensure everyone shares the experience.

The maximum weight capacity for each jet ski is 220kg combined weight for both rider and passenger.

For more FAQs, check out their information page on their website.

Stand Up Paddleboard Hire

Stand Up Paddleboards are available to hire immediately during Wild Rides opening times.

With 2 inflatable 11ft Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP boards) available, don’t miss this opportunity as there aren’t many SUP hires in Adelaide. Especially this close to the river so you don’t have to worry about carrying them too far!

What is even better, is the protected area of water. The River Murray is perfect to give SUP a go in calm water. If you are anything like me, any chance to get my feet to stay on the board is welcomed!

Learn to SUP board in sheltered waters, SUP board hire West Beach, Adelaide

The team are happy to offer some friendly advice and instruction if you want to ensure you have a great time! Prices are super affordable and great value for just 1 or a few hours of watersports fun, relaxation or exercise!

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Splashdown with Wild Rides Jet Ski Tours

Wild Rides is a professional, safe, friendly jet ski hire service with your experience at the heart of what they do, which you can really feel. Jono and the team unquestionably have one of the best offices in South Australia, but this isn’t about them. It’s about you. Whether it’s your first time giving it a go or wanting to hit the water and match Jono’s impressive ability to ski, Wild Rides is for you.

Even if you wanted to head up to Riverglen Marain and just get on the jet ski to see how it feels, the team would be more than happy to help.

I do not doubt that Wild Rides is the start of something new and exciting in Adelaide. So why not be a part of it and book your jet ski tour today! Find out more on their website, or follow them on their popular Facebook and Instagram feeds.


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Travel With No Anchor was a guest of Wild Rides to experience the service they have on offer. However, opinions and views are my own; strongly recommending this jet ski hire in Adelaide to others.

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