Sunset Parque da Cidade do Porto

Sunset rays at Parque da Cidade do Porto

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Parque da Cidade do Porto is a beautiful oasis, a short distance from the city of Porto.

With 205 acres of open spaces, the park is the biggest urban park in Portugal. Known as the City Park, Parque da Cidade is now an International Green Flag Award winning space that offers tranquillity and multiple panoramic views all the way to the edge of the sea. Where London has Hyde Park, New York has Central Park – Porto has City Park.

Where the Parque da Cidade meets the Ocean

Located in Foz, between Avenida da Boavista, Circunvalação, and the sea, Parque de Cidade is not just about its green spaces. With five lakes, known as Water Resting Spots, this park really ticks all the boxes where green meets blue. It is one of the best spots in Porto to relax, walk, run, enjoy the sun, lay on the grass, listen to some music, or simply get fresh air (you can get a lot there!).

Parque da Cidade do Porto view from the sky
View from above of Parque da Cidade do Porto – where green meets blue

Walking around its many paths will have you stepping over 10 km amongst its atemporal character. You’ll also find a small farm with horses, a restaurant, a fair-trade shop, and playing fields (football and volleyball). Head to the park’s western side at sunset to catch glimpses of golden rays beaming through the woodland. There are a few sunset spots to relax and absorb the vibes. Continue walking towards the ocean as the colours change around you, stopping at one of the best sunsets in Porto.

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Parque da Cidade do Porto
Plenty of wildlife around the numerous lakes at Parque da Cidade do Porto
Parque da Cidade do Porto
You can help but relax around the blue spaces within the park

If soaking in the sun is one of your favourite things to do, don’t miss a sunrise at the Jardins do Palácio de Cristal. Close to the centre of Porto, this park offers the perfect haven for watching a new day dawn over the River Douro.

Recommended ways of getting to Parque de Cidade:

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