Pinky Beach, Rottnest Island, WA - one of Western Australia's most popular island beaches

Top 10 Pristine Beaches in Western Australia

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It is no secret that Western Australia has some of the world’s most pristine beaches, and by pristine, we mean pure white, squeaky clean types of beaches with crystal clear, turquoise waters that take your breath away. Here are our top 10 pristine beaches in Western Australia that are not to be missed:

– Lucky Bay, Esperance

Simply Australia’s whitest beach

This really is the picture perfect postcard beach – the stereotypical beach that many have fallen in love with Australia over and over again. And don’t think these kangaroos are photoshopped in either… they really do live on and around this beach! Lucky Bay, part of the Cape Le Grand National Park captivates you as soon as you set your eyes on it, with its snow white sand and turquoise water that will be inviting you with open arms! We know we certainly ran straight in when we arrived and there was not another single person on the whole beach! Just the kangaroos! It may be an 8 hour drive south of Perth but it’s an unforgettable destination!

Learn more about our top pick of Western Australia’s most pristine beach here!

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 – Hamelin Bay, Margaret River

Turquoise waters, full of beautiful marine life

Whilst Margaret River may be well-known for its wine region, it also hides away some gorgeous beaches along the southwest coast. Hamelin Bay, we feel, is the most picturesque beach in this area. It’s also famous for its friendly stingrays who are happy to swim around as you snorkel and admire the natural beauty of this bay. Don’t miss this one, just over 3 hours south of Perth!

– Turquoise Bay, Ningaloo

Snorkel and relax on this perfectly named beach

Ningaloo is well known for its famous reef and swimming with Whale Sharks experience. But it is also home to some of the best beaches in the world, including Turquoise Bay. White sand. Check. Crystal clear water. Check. Drift snorkelling. Check. We swear that once you’ve been here, you’ll never want to leave! Find out more about the Ningaloo Reef, its surrounding areas and why it’s worth the 13 hour drive north of Perth here.

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– Scarborough Beach, Perth

Soak up surf vibes at this popular beach close to Perth’s CBD

Just over 20 minutes from Perth’s CBD, Scarborough Beach is the absolute beach lovers hub of this chilled out city. With plenty to do on and off the pristine golden sand, catching a wave or two here is a must for everyone visiting Perth. It’s easy to spend the whole day here – plan ahead – as we found a few hours just wasn’t long enough! Find out more about its surf vibes at this popular beach here.

– Bunker Bay, Margaret River

Enjoy a sheltered bay bursting with natural beauty

Another of Margaret Rivers hidden treasures, 3 hours south of Perth is Bunker Bay. Enjoy this simple and unforgettable coastal landscape. Take in its remoteness with a feeling of adventure in this untouched piece of paradise. It’s one for the list! Find out more about Bunker Bay and how to get there.

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– Shell Beach, Shark Bay

There is not a single grain of sand on this pristine shoreline!

This interesting beach, just over 8 hours north from Perths CBD has been created by millions of tiny shells; one of only a handful of similar beaches in the world! Shell Beach makes up part of the pristine shoreline around Shark Bay, which, contrary to its name is safe to swim and snorkel. Find out more here about Shell Beach.

– Injidup Beach, Margaret River

Discover the hidden “Injidup Spa” within these jewel-blue waters

Enjoy this natural rock pool formation that has created this exclusive “Injidup Spa”! Just 3 hours south of Perth, it is likely you have most of this beach to yourself! Find out more here about Injidup Beach.

– Wharton Beach, Condingup

Experience snow white sand and crystal blue waters

Wharton Beach lies close to Esperance, 8 hours south of Perth and forms a stretch of coastline that can only be described as Australia’s true southwestern paradise. You’d be hard pushed to think you are not on the Great Barrier Reef down here and every turn leads to another stunning beach. Check out Wharton Beach, Twilight Beach (one of the most popular beaches in Western Australia) and surrounding beaches here.

– Pinky Beach, Rottnest Island

This popular beach is a must do on this gorgeous idyllic island

Pinky Beach is perfectly placed on the stunning Rottnest Island, just a 25 minute ferry ride from Fremantle or 45 minute ferry ride from Hillarys Boat Harbour. The majestic Bathurst Lighthouse stands proud overlooking the beach of calm waters and inviting turquoise colours. Why not make a weekend of it and stay at the first low impact glamping experience on Rottnest Island with Discovery Parks; right on the boardwalks through the sand dunes to this perfect piece of Western Australia heaven!

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– Cable Beach, Broome

Take in a spectacular ocean sunset

No list of Western Australia’s best beaches should not include the iconic Cable Beach in Broome. Situated just under 23 hours north of Perth, this beach is known for having some of the best sunsets in the world. The range of fairylike colours on display is a photographers dream and does not disappoint. People travel from all corners of the world for the famous camel rides in this magical location… and to be honest, we’re not surprised. Don’t miss this one as it looks just as impressive during the day as it does at night…

This has been one of the most difficult top lists to put together! There are hundreds and hundreds of pristine beaches in Western Australia and this list really doesn’t do it justice. Let us know in the comments below what your favourite beach is in Western Australia (or not if you want to keep it a secret!).

Happy Beaching! 🏖

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