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Understanding the Power of Water Wellness

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Water + Wellness = Strength

Be a stronger version of you.

The concept of Wellness itself has been here for a while. According to the Global Wellness Institute, it is ‘the active pursuit of activities, choices and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health’.

Introduce being near, in, under or on the water into this concept, and you begin to realise the power of Blue Mind and Blue Spaces to improve your overall Wellness.

Life tends to throw us difficulties – some harder than others. Water Wellness can help strengthen your mind, body and soul in coping with these challenges, becoming a stronger version of you. I have faced my own challenging journey and am a living example of the concept and power of Water Wellness.

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As researched and written by Dr Wallace J. Nichols, Blue Mind is a mildly meditative state people fall into when they are near, in, under or on the water with positive effects. Think about the last time you spent time by an open stretch of water. Did you feel calmer? Happier? More relaxed?

Were you able to let go of some of your Red Mind? Red Mind is the overstimulation and anxiousness that causes stress and tension. The complete opposite of Blue Mind.

Blue Spaces are those connected to wild, domestic, urban, visual and imaginary scenes of water, oceans, lakes, rivers, canals, waterfalls, water fountains and more. They are everywhere and accessible to everyone in some form. The more time we spend with them, the more connected we become. The calmer we become. The more strength we find.

The Six Dimensions of Water Wellness are more than just physical health. It is a continuum of social, intellectual, spiritual, emotional, occupational and physical aspects. It’s a proactive approach to supporting good health instead of relying purely on medical intervention. Working through this continuum helps strengthen each dimension. You can focus on them independently; however, for more effectiveness, the power of Water Wellness comes when all dimensions are working together.

Find your inner strength through mindfulness. Taking the time to reflect in calm places such as a river or lake. Letting your stresses go from your favourite bench along the beach. Reading about Blue Mind and the effect of Blue Spaces. Finding your purpose in relation to water. Investing in time and skills to learn about Blue Mind theory. Being open to exploring new Blue Spaces. Exercising in your Blue Gym. Spending time with like-minded others who practice Water Wellness. Listening to your body whilst relaxing by the water. Self-awareness through Blue Health Journalling. All contribute to your own Water Wellness.

When faced with the most significant challenges and fears in life, Water Wellness can help overcome the overwhelming emotional and physical effects you may be feeling. It isn’t always about finding your happiness. Sometimes this may not be possible at that moment in time. It’s about finding the strength to cope, be resilient, feel better, focus and dig deep within yourself to become stronger than ever.

Learn more about the Six Dimensions of Water Wellness to gain a better understanding of where you can introduce this concept into your life.

Follow my real-life example and see how you can start finding your path to inner strength.

Water + Wellness = Strength

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