Mayflower Park, Southampton - blue space for Water Wellness in this maritime city

A Water Wellness Guide to Southampton, UK

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Southampton is an International Maritime City located centrally on the south coast of the United Kingdom. Underrated in the Water Wellness it offers, there are plenty of body, mind and soul water activities with quayside and beach locations to enjoy.

Many new leisure and residential developments are popping up around the Southampton waterfront, bounded by three sides of water – Southampton Waters and the Rivers Itchen and Test. Much of the access to the waterfront has been taken by previous commercial enterprises, however this is changing as the city realises the opportunities that lie within. There are also a number of marinas and wharves that have developed into destinations in themselves.

Southampton has a number of marinas around the city’s waterfront

Southampton is also known as the cruise capital of Northern Europe. With a cosmopolitan atmosphere borne from centuries of international trade, Southampton is one of the UK’s leading ports and liveliest cities. It combines medieval walls and buildings, modern shopping and entertainment complexes, marinas, culture and nightlife. Explore the city’s rich culture and long history. Try the wide range of leisure activities in the surrounding countryside. All before relaxing to recount the day in one of Southampton’s many harbour-side restaurants, cafés and bars.

And don’t forget, Southampton was where the Titanic left the White Star Dock, later known as Ocean Dock in 1912. Needless to say, Cruise Ships leaving Southampton now have a lot more luck and success in their sailings. There are many Titanic-related things to do in Southampton, so if this part of history interests you, you are in the right place!

Enjoy Southampton’s ‘Blue Gym Effect

As you’d expect from a maritime city, Southampton has many things to do to get you on, in or under the water. From kayaking along the Itchen River and Calshot Beach, to open swimming and scuba diving at Andark Lake and jet skiing along the coastline, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Southampton also benefits from open spaces by the water where you can gain from the ‘Blue Gym Effect’. Being surrounded by nature, and in particular, the water can have a more profound impact on stress levels, recovery and energy levels. Use Blue Spaces such as Weston Shore, Ocean Village, Riverside Park, Mayflower Park Southampton Common, Andark Lake and Swanwick Marina to add outdoor areas to your fitness routine. Walk, run, cycle or practice yoga to absorb those beautiful negative ions from large bodies of water that positively benefit you physiologically.

Of course, Southampton is no stranger to open water, wild swimming. There are many perfect places to hit the water, but there are also a few areas to avoid. We recommend having a look at the Hampshire Open Water Swimmers group page for more information about safe places, as well as groups you can join for a dip.

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What is a Water Wellness Guide?

Over the past couple of years, we’ve understood more about the benefits of looking after our wellness and lifestyle. We seek less stress. Deeper connections. Healthier habits. Better sleep. Increased physical and mental fitness.

Using the natural meditative state of being on, in, near or under the water, a concept called Blue Mind, Water Wellness Guides embrace water-related activities with waterfront locations and waterside healthy dining. These guides help to find ways to destress, relax, enhance your wellness, be present with mindfulness, focus on fitness and connect to the outdoors at your next travel destination.

We connect to the six dimensions of Water Wellness which is a holistic lifestyle, including a continuum of emotional, spiritual, physical, intellectual, social and occupational aspects to support good health, instead of relying purely on medical intervention.

When you travel or visit a new destination, whether wellness is your primary or secondary reason for going, your health doesn’t need to take a back seat. Keep your mind and body strong whilst you are away, and you’ll embrace a much better experience, ditching that feeling that you need another holiday after your holiday.

Here is your Water Wellness Guide to Southampton:

Physical Water Activities for Water Wellness Guides
Mindful Water Activities for Water Wellness Guides
Waterside Healthy Dining for Water Wellness Guides
Water Wellness Retreats for Water Wellness Guides
Waterfront Stays for Water Wellness Guides

Pricing guide


£ – inexpensive option, great for being budget-conscious

££ – mid-priced, good value for money

£££ – high end, unique experience

Physical Water Activities in Southampton

Get your adrenaline pumping and heart beating with these fun and enjoyable physical water activities in Southampton. Feel the benefits of blue health and soak in the Water Wellness, knowing how good you will feel after getting involved.

Woodmill Outdoor Activities Centre


Summer or winter, Woodmill Outdoor Activities Centre is a great way to get out on the water. Enjoy the fresh air with one of their many paddle activities and watersports. Whether a canoe, kayak or even Katakanu, you can enjoy one of four waterways all year round. Hire your own or take a guided tour. Paddle around on the private, secluded lake nestled within the Woodmill forest, or if you’re a more seasoned paddler, head out on the River Itchen and down to The White Swan pub for a beer or two. This really is one of the best places to go kayaking in Southampton.

With easy access to all main routes, public transport and local hotspots, nestled in the heart of the city and affordably priced, there is no excuse not to visit and discover your own adventure. You can even have a go at fishing!

Hire a boat in Southampton, Kayaking Southampton, things to do Southampton
Get active on the water in Southampton – Image credit: Woodmill Outdoor Activities Centre / Active Nation

Calshot Water Activities Centre

£ –££

Calshot’s Activities Centre is part of the Hampshire Outdoor Centres group. It’s located 16 miles from the city centre. Situated right on the doorstep of The Solent, this area is perfect for watersports in Southampton, including windsurfing.

Kids and adults will love the paddleboard and kayak hire in Southampton, and they also offer a range of courses to build experience. Take lessons in windsurfing, powerboating, paddlesports and dinghy sailing.

Learn to sail at Calshot Activities Centre, Southampton - Watersports in Southampton
Enjoy all the surrounding water that Southampton has to offer – Image credit: Calshot Activities Centre
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Andark Lake in Swanwick

£ –££

Andark Lake is an outdoor water lovers’ dream, located in Lower Swanwick, 6 miles east of Southampton city centre. Here you’ll find a purpose build inland diving and swimming lake, the size of an Olympic swimming pool. There is a beach-style sloped entry with orange buoys that make a 100m loop, or open swimming can be at the middle or edges of the lake.

The lake is ideal for diving training, being 7 metres in max depth, with 2 platforms at approximately 1.2 metres and 3.5 metres. There is an underwater world with objects such as a bow section ribs of a 17th-century barge, a sunken jet-ski, a mirrored wall to check out your kit and tie-down points on the bottom of the lake.

Andark Lake also offers triathlon training and paddleboarding in Southampton.

On-site, there are also some great facilities. These include modern changing rooms with showers, a cafe, free wi-fi, shop and classroom/conference room. The shop includes swimming and diving gear, gas and air, and they can also carry out repairs if needed.

Andark Lake in Southampton – a popular watersports destination

Jet Skiing in Southampton


Southampton Water and its adjoining rivers are perfect for a blast on a jet ski tour. No experience or licence is needed for these tours. This is the ideal way to enjoy an adrenaline watersport in Southampton.

Get kitted up, go through a safety briefing, be shown the jet ski controls and off you go! Explore The Solent at your own pace whilst jumping waves and taking in the views. You won’t be disappointed with this experience.

Check out this best jet ski hire in Southampton post for more information.

Lets Go Jet Ski Hire Southampton - Watersports in Southampton
Explore Southampton’s coastline with Jet Ski Tours – Image credit: Lets Go Jet Ski Hire Southampton

The Paddle Centre in Swanwick


The Paddle Centre is a popular choice when it comes to paddleboard and kayak hire in Southampton. High quality equipment, expert tuition and guided lessons for paddleboards and kayaks. Why not take the opportunity to join their fitness deck with their SUP Yoga sessions? If you love being on the water, The Paddle Centre is your perfect go-to.

SUP Yoga with The Paddle Centre, Swanwick, Southampton
Get some positive Blue Mind with SUP Yoga sessions – Image credit: The Paddle Centre, Southampton

Float Hampshire


Float Hampshire, located in the beautiful Hamble region of Southampton, just 6 miles south-east of the city centre is a great way to get out on the water to explore some of Hampshire’s best rivers, coastline and marinas. They offer kayaks and stand up paddleboards to hire by the hour. Extended hire is available if you want to take the equipment away.

The Quays Swimming Pool


If the weather is not looking so great, head indoors to The Quays Swimming Pool. Here you’ll find a wide eight laned 25m heated swimming pool, diving springboards at 1m, 3m, 5m, 7.5m and 10m platforms, a spa, sauna and steam room. During the school holidays, they have the huge inflatable Aqua Warrior – the ultimate aqua assault course!

Public, family sessions and diving taster sessions are available for all.

Click here for more swimming pools in and around Southampton.

The Quays Swimming Pool Southampton
Enjoy some indoor Water Wellness – Image credit: The Quays Swimming and Diving Centre

Boat Trips around Southampton

Jumping onboard a boat can give your mind, body, heart and soul the boost it needs. Unplug, feel the wind on your face and enjoy the happy, semi-meditative state that has us more connected to ourselves, to others, and to nature, which is referred to as Blue Mind.

Southampton has some of the best boat trips in Hampshire. From ferries to private charters on luxury motor yachts, you can explore the stunning coastline in your own style. Head to nearby Lymington for a breathtaking sailing experience in the gorgeous Solent waters you will never forget.

Thinking of hiring your own boat? Check out this post for the best boat hire in Southampton.

Hythe Ferry


Take the passenger ferry from Town Quay across to Hythe, a village that nestles between the edge of Southampton and the New Forest. An ideal place to visit, Hythe is known as ‘The Waterside‘ with its waterfront, boasting fantastic views across Southampton Water and the River Test, especially the majestic cruise liners which come into the port most days.

The ferry leaves from Town Quay,a 10-minute walk or short ride on the Quayconnect bus from Southampton city centre. It departs every half an hour during the week, and hourly on weekends.

This is a perfect way to see Southampton from the ocean, sailing across smooth waters whilst taking in the true size of its port.

Love Hythe and Waterside logo, things to do in Hythe, Southampton
Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Hythe – Image credit: Love Hythe and Waterside

Red Funnel Ferries


Visit the beautiful Isle of Wight for the day with Red Funnel Ferries. Choose from the high-speed Red Jet service that takes less than 30 minutes or the larger vehicle ferry that takes one hour to cross The Solent. Both are unique experiences, especially when coming side by side with the number of yachts in this sailing mecca of the UK.

Whether travelling by foot or vehicle, there are plenty of waterfront cafes, restaurants, shops, marinas and natural spots to soak in the relaxed coastal, nautical vibes of the Isle of Wight.

Red Funnel Ferries depart from Town Quay, a 10-minute walk or short ride on the Quayconnect bus from Southampton city centre.

Grab the chance if you get to experience this – it is one of our favourite things to do from Southampton.

Red Funnel Ferries to the Isle of Wight – a great thing to do from Southampton

Blue Funnel Cruises


Blue Funnel Cruises offer day cruises and party nights, departing close to Southampton city centre. Their vessel “Ocean Scene” is fully heated with a bar, sundeck and amenities onboard. They offer day Hamble River Cruises, Isle of Wight Cruises, and themed party nights which are also available for public or private charter services.

This is a great way to explore Southampton from the water, whilst enjoying the water wellness experience of being out on the boat.

Depart from Town Quay, where there are cafes, restaurants and Mayflower Park to enjoy.

Seaseeker Charters


If luxury is more your style, charter the beautiful “Euphoria”, 55 feet of luxury motor yacht for half or day hire. The vessel can accommodate up to 12 people, (excluding the skipper and host) whilst you cruise the stunning Solent in privacy. Perfect for that special occasion, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Private boat hire in Southampton with Seaseeker Charters
Explore in style on your own super yacht in Southampton – Image credit: Seaseeker Charters

Sailing Experience from Lymington


Sail the Solent on a beautiful, modern and spacious yacht. Set off from Lymington, 18 miles southwest of Southampton, with a glass of English sparkling wine. Explore the idyllic sailing waters before anchoring off the Isle of Wight for a delicious, freshly prepared 2-course meal. Relax on deck or jump off for a swim. The choice is yours. This is a great afternoon or evening experience where you can join in as much as you like or sit back and soak up this memorable experience.

This activity is popular, so book now to avoid disappointment.

Lymington Sailing Experience, Sailing in Southampton, Sailing experience Southampton, things to do in Southampton
Sailing experience from Lymington – Image credit: Viator / Provider

Steamship Shieldhall


Experience the heritage “Steamship Shieldhall”, the largest working steamship in Great Britain. Over 65 years old and run by proud volunteers, it continues to uphold the tradition of ‘steam at sea’. You can experience the golden age of steam by booking an excursion or visiting her in Southampton. Take a tour onboard with its original engine room, the bridge, traditional instruments and gleaming brasswork with true admiration.

Get onboard a part of history on the Steamship Shieldhall
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Mindful Water Activities in Southampton

Mindful Water Activities include those that reach into the emotional, spiritual and intellectual dimensions of Water Wellness. These activities can help increase your awareness of your feelings, help reflection, decrease stress, connect to your purpose and discovery, allow for gratitude and stimulate your Blue Mind through learning. Some activities also help to support cognitive aspects, a relatively new finding in the wellness space that maintains a healthy brain.

Check out the Water Wellness Retreats section for ideas on day spa relaxation experiences.

Limitless Float

£ –££

Located in Southampton city centre, Limitless Float offers float tanks for that ultimate mindful water wellness experience. Unplug from the world, remove the distractions and reconnect with yourself as you float in their giant space pods, filled with quality Epsom salts, allowing you to float freely.

If you haven’t heard about floating before, check out their website for the reasons behind it and why it is so beneficial.

This experience is one of the most relaxing water-relating things to do in Southampton.

Disconnect and reach a deeper level of relaxation with Limitless Float tanks

Enjoy a day at the beach


Southampton has several lovely beaches to explore, they just might not be as sandy as you may expect from the UK’s south coast. Most beaches are shingle beaches along Southampton Water and are perfect for a stroll, a relaxing picnic or fun with the family for the day.

Don’t miss the opportunity to head to Calshot Beach – one of the best beaches in Southampton with gorgeous colourful beach huts overlooking The Solent and Isle of Wight. Closer to the city centre, you’ll find Weston Shore on the east side with its calming waters and walk towards Netley Abbey and Victoria Park. Watch the ever changing activities on the water, including large cruise liners, Red Funnel Ferries and many motor and sailing vessels.

Wanting a sandy beach? Check out our guides to Portsmouth (30 minutes drive) and Bournemouth (50 minutes drive) for some of the best beaches along the south coast of England. Travelling around the county? Check out the full guide to the best beaches in Hampshire.

Find the complete guide here on the best beaches in Southampton.

Calshot Beach and Beach Huts, Southampton, UK - the best beaches in Southampton UK - Water Wellness in Southampton
Colourful Calshot Beach Huts, close to Southampton

Ocean Village


Known locally as the Southampton Riviera but still close to the city centre, Ocean village is a premium destination and a must-see when visiting Southampton. More than just a large marina, it has a mix of residential, business and leisure facilities right on the sheltered mouth of the River Itchen.

Home to The National Oceanography Centre, the UK’s leading institution for integrated coastal and deep ocean research, the marina basin, formerly used for commercial ships, oozes marine appeal with its multi-million super yachts and sailing boats on display. It has become famous for hosting the start and/or finish of Around the World yacht races.

As part of the Titanic Trail, where in 1912, this section of the port was the main dockyard, tug boats would have pulled the Titanic out to sea from here. There are also rumours that there is still an old dry dock under the Harbour Hotel!

There are various bars, restaurants, shops, a cinema, a co-working space, several car parks and Southampton’s only 5* hotel – Southampton Harbour Hotel with its stunning views. The three residential tower buildings in the village are named Moresby, Hawkins and Blake – after three British Admirals.

Ocean Village is a beautiful Blue Space to explore, with plenty of paths to walk and run for some Blue Gym fitness. Some parts are restricted to private residential areas, and cycling is not allowed, but for running or walking, trust us when we say we think you’ll be pretty happy going around on yourself again! Enjoy the view.

Riverside Park


Take a leisurely walk or cycle along the River Itchen at Riverside Park, a 32 hectare site within walking distance of the city centre. The park includes six football pitches, two cricket pitches, a tennis court, a skate park and three play areas. A miniature railway also runs on Sunday afternoons during the summer months.

This chalk river is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest with many conservation areas and essential habitat wildlife. With car parking, marina views, a lovely cafe with healthy breakfast and lunch options and the Woodmill Outdoor Activities Centre close by, it is perfect for some calmness and tranquillity away from the buzz of the city centre.

If you are feeling adventurous, complete the moderate 39.4km Itchen River Walk from Southampton to Winchester.

Riverside Park, Itchen River, Southampton - Water Wellness in Southampton - enjoy the Blue Gym effect
Take some time out for you and your Blue Mind at Riverside Park

Swanwick and the River Test


To the east of the city is a little unknown gem, Swanwick. Situated on the River Test’s upper banks, there is quite a lot of Blue Space to explore around this charming village.

Soak in the marina vibes at Swanwick Marina, take a walk along the River Test, hire a kayak or paddle board from Float Hampshire, try SUP Yoga with The Paddle Centre, enjoy a healthy brunch at The Boat House Cafe or grab a waterside picnic table at The Jolly Sailor pub. Swanwick Lakes has also become one of Hampshire Wildlife Trust’s popular nature reserves.

Swanwick is also close to the waterside villages of Bursledon, Hamble and Warsash, which are lovely for meandering around, taking in the fresh sea air and enjoying the great walks available.

Mayflower Park


Mayflower Park is the only city centre waterside park with views across the River Test and is one of our favourite places to visit in Southampton for some Water Wellness. It is a large, open park, with car parking (chargeable), a small cafe, toilets, a games area and a children’s play area.

It is used by both visitors and residents throughout the year. Watch the maritime traffic come and go, stand tall against the towering Cruise liners when docked at the port and absorb parts of the old city as it now stands today. The waters are tranquil with ever-changing views – perfect for taking time out to enjoy the moment.

Mayflower Park is next to the Red Funnel Ferry terminal and Town Quay, another Blue Space to explore. It also hosts many events throughout the year, including the popular International Boat Show in September each year – a great way to end the summer.

Looking for something a bit quirky? Head to The Pig in the Wall opposite the park for an eatery with wonderful character and a delicious Deli selection. The Dancing Man Brewery is a real hit with the locals and not your typical British boozer. It’s a venue with a natural community feel, a brewery with a difference and a menu of delightful delicacies. You can’t miss this place – it’s the one with lots of people sitting outside, enjoying themselves, even in the cold and rain. Wow, now that must be good!

Mayflower Park, Southampton - blue space for Water Wellness in this maritime city
Enjoy the views from Mayflower Park, Southampton’s only waterside park

Town Quay


Next to Mayflower Park, Town Quay is the public waterways transport hub of Southampton. Where the sea meets the city, there is much to see and watch from this quay. Grab a coffee, take a stroll, jump on a ferry, soak in the maritime vibes, enjoy the panoramic views or tuck into a lovely meal.

Find out more about what there is to do at Town Quay in this post.

Southampton Common


Southampton Common is known as one of the largest open green spaces in the city, however the Blue Spaces also offer some Blue Health tranquillity.

Situated to the north of the city, you feel like you are miles away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The 365 acres of woodland, rough grassland, ponds, wetlands, lakes and parkland is a much loved area for informal leisure and significant events.

Relax in many areas with water, including Ornamental Lake, Cemetery Lake and the Model Yachting Lake. Feed the ducks, walk the many paths or let the kids run around on the new nature play and water park zone, with water spouts, pumps and water wheels – perfect for splashing about in the summer.

The Common is also home to the Southampton Parkrun that takes place every Saturday at 9am, taking you past a couple of lakes along its course.

Free and chargeable parking is available in and around the Common and surrounding roads.

Southampton Common Map
Southampton Common Map – Image credit: Robert R&N/Flickr

Walk the Secrets of the Titanic


Stay on dry land and explore the Secrets of the Titanic on a guided walk. Hear stories and secrets of the Titanic as well as about the past and present of Southampton’s Port. Walk from the modern bustle of Town Quay, through Mayflower Park, where the famous Pilgrim Ship departed, around the historic Southampton Town Walls and discover the ship’s famous connections with the QE2 Mile.

Accessible to all, this is a great way to explore Southampton.

The Titanic Pub Southampton, Walk the Secrets of the Titanic guided walk Southampton
Walk the Secrets of the Titanic in Southampton – Image credit: The Titanic Pub / Facebook

SeaCity Museum


SeaCity Museum is based in the heart of the city and tells a story of the historical connections with the Titanic, the sea, the people of the city and their fascinating lives. This interactive experience designed for all ages brings maritime history alive.

There are a number of permanent and temporary exhibitions at SeaCity Museum, with a Gift & Souvenir store available.

Southampton SeaCity Museum, Titanic Exhibition
Take the opportunity to learn at SeaCity Museum – Image credit: Visit Hampshire

Waterside Healthy Dining in Southampton

Harbar on 6th at Southampton Harbour Hotel & Spa


Experience stunning Ocean Village Marina views from Harbar on 6th at the Southampton Harbour Hotel & Spa, located just outside the city centre. Enjoy exceptional food and drink in elegant rooftop surroundings with outdoor fire pits and a wood fired pizza oven, whilst soaking in the marina vibes with the sunlight reflecting off the ocean’s surface and its gleaming yachts.

Waterfront dining in Southampton at Harbar on 6th, Southampton Harbour Hotel and Spa - Water Wellness in Southampton
Marina views don’t get much better than this – Image credit: Harbar on 6th, Harbour Hotels

The Jetty at Southampton Harbour Hotel & Spa


Take waterside dining to the next level at The Jetty, also located at the Harbour Hotel & Spa. Join locally-renowned chef patron Alex Aitken’s, specialising in locally caught seafood with sensational seasonal ingredients, eclectic wines and ocean views to relax with.

The Jetty restaurant drifts out onto an extensive outdoor terrace, featuring luxury relaxation pods to take in the marina views. A further large open plan lounge provides the perfect setting for informal drinks and dining.

Waterfront seafood dining does not get any better than this in Southampton.

Seafood dining at The Jetty, Southampton Harbour Hotel and Spa, Waterfront restaurant in Southampton - Water Wellness in Southampton
Enjoy the fresh seafood in Southampton – Image credit: The Jetty, Harbour Hotels

Ocean Village Waterside Dining

££ –£££

Ocean Village is home to many waterside restaurants. Relax and dine here as you admire the number of stunning yachts floating in the modern marina.

Check out the popular Banana Wharf, known for its waterfront al fresco dining with plenty of fresh options for everyone. Book a table at the dog-friendly Maritimo Lounge, and you won’t be disappointed with their Breakfast Club or Tapas specials. Pitcher & Piano has great views from their raised restaurant and bar, with the perfect cocktail waiting for you after a day exploring Southampton.

Tucked just behind Ocean Village, you’ll find the Ocean Grill restaurant – Hampshire’s favourite steak restaurant. Give your eyes a feast whilst choosing your favourite piece of meat or fish from the fresh counters, then wait patiently as it is cooked over hot Josper Charcoal Grills to your liking.

Blue Jasmine is popular with locals for its contemporary Southeast Asian Fine Dining. Known locally as one of the most exquisite restaurants in Southampton, it’s where east meets west; its seasonal ingredients offer premium Asian dishes whilst you sip through the bespoke range of cocktails with a distinctly eastern twist.

Get a feel for Ocean Village, Southampton

Before The Jetty, Blue Jasmine and Ocean Grill arrived in Southampton, nearby Winchester used to be the go-to place for a true foodie to get an exquisite dining experience. However, these three restaurants have certainly given Winchester a reason to visit Southampton!

The Bistro at Shamrock Quay


Another marina favourite is the independent The Bistro in Shamrock Quay. It has that dockside vibe, whilst serving modern quality food with its own individual twist. This bistro is tucked away on the outskirts of the city centre, but it’s well worth the find.

If you love a range of seafood options, you’ll love the menu at Shamrock Quay.

The Bistro Shamrock Quay, waterfront dining in Southampton
Enjoy a seafood feast at Shamrock Quay – Image credit: The Bistro / Facebook

Kuti’s Brasserie at Town Quay


Love Indian food? You’ll love this award-winning Indian restaurant on Town Quay’s waterfront with a selection of healthy options and seafood dishes. Located right at the end of the High Street, it is unique as it is set within the old Royal Pier Pavillion, certainly making a statement. Follow them on social media, and you’ll get a sense of how proud the owner is of his quality restaurant.

Don’t miss what is known as one of Southampton’s best Indian restaurants, with undoubtedly the best waterfront views.

Kuti's Brasserie in Southampton, best Indian restaurant in Southampton
The best Indian Restaurant with views in Southampton – Image credit: Kuti’s Brasserie / Facebook

Banana Wharf at Hamble and Universal Marina


As if one Banana Wharf in Ocean Village wasn’t enough, there are now three in Southampton. All offering exceptional waterside views. Head to Hamble, 6 miles east of the city centre, and you’ll find one in Port Hamble Marina. Just a little further north, their latest edition is at Universal Marina.

Their menu is the perfect mix of tropical and Asian dishes, with traditional favourites, seafood, pizza, pasta and an excellent breakfast to start your day. We personally love their range of salads and World Dockside Dishes. Don’t miss this culinary experience with perfect relaxation thrown in for good measure.

Mettricks Cafe at Woolston


If you are looking for something more casual, check out Mettricks cafe in Woolston, just 3 miles from the city centre. Within the newly developed area of Centenary Quay, this cafe has some of the best views in Southampton. With a couple of healthy options for breakfast and lunch, Mettricks is a lovely place to catch up with friends, or simply unwind with the views.

Mettricks Cafe Woolston, things to do in Southampton, best cafe in Southampton
Chill out at Mettricks cafe with water views – Image credit: Mettricks Woolston

The Boat House Cafe at Swanwick


If you love chilled-out marina vibes, you’ll love The Boat House Cafe, right on the edge of the River Hamble and overlooking Swanwick Marina. Here you can kick-start your day with healthy options for breakfast, brunch and lunch, switching between a gorgeous summer and winter menu. The decked terrace is ideal for soaking in some vitamin D and is a popular venue being dog-friendly too.

Water Wellness Retreats in Southampton

Whilst Southampton may not have any tropical wellness resorts, it does have some Water Wellness Retreat options when it comes to putting your wellbeing first. Stay here for one night for business or a week for leisure, and you’ll feel the satisfaction of putting your wellness first in no time.

Considering staying within Hampshire? Check out the best coastal lodge stays with hot tubs across the county, or find the best Hampshire hotels with spas for the ultimate relaxing break.

Southampton Harbour Hotel & Spa


The Harbour Hotel & Spa is Southampton’s only 5* hotel. Its unique, striking design feels like a huge super-yacht welcoming you as its guest onboard the middle of Ocean Village. Not only does it have waterfront views, but it’s also our favourite wellness retreat within the city.

Located just the centre, the hotel includes stunning contemporary interiors and luxurious bedrooms overlooking Southampton Waters. Guests can enjoy the use of the HarSPA & Club, fresh juice bar, hot tub, pool, sauna, state-of-the-art fitness centre and fitness classes, with a choice of 2 restaurants with outside terrace dining. How about an outdoor marina personal yoga session? Harbour Hotel can also arrange this for you as a special experience to remember.

Take a swim in the serene waters of Southampton’s calming HarSPA & Club. With a beautiful heated pool and a multitude of deluxe treatments with TEMPLESPA products, this tranquil waterside location combines holistic therapies with contemporary techniques to create pure bliss.

Day spas and Southampton HarSpa & Club Memberships are also available.

Southampton Harbour Hotel & Spa, Southampton 5 star hotel, Waterfront Hotel Southampton - Water Wellness in Southampton
Soak in the goodness in this Spa experience – Image credit: Southampton Harbour Hotel & Spa

Hilton at The Ageas Bowl


Hilton at The Ageas Bowl is the stunning 171-bedroom hotel located at the home of Hampshire Cricket. Overlooking a tranquil lake, the hotel is adjacent to the Ageas Bowl, with sweeping views of the cricket ground.

Just a 20 minute drive from the city centre, it is also home to the luxury eforea spa, the first BEEFY’S by Lord Botham Bar and Restaurant, and The Ageas Bowl’s 18-hole golf course, Boundary Lakes. 

The eforesa spa is undoubtedly the most luxurious spa offering in Southampton with these enticing facilities on offer:

  • Hydrotherapy Pool (our personal favourite)
  • Outside Spa Terrace with Jacuzzi 
  • 8 Treatment Rooms
  • Transition Room & Deep Relax Room
  • Light & Dark Steam Rooms
  • Bio-Sauna
  • Heated Stone Loungers 
  • Experience Showers
  • Foot Spa
  • Feature Showers
  • Ice Fountain
  • Speed Spa & Nail Spa
  • Fitness Suite
  • Spa Cafe 

Take the opportunity to indulge in the array of treatments, the unique eforea journey, overnight and day breaks, along with monthly memberships and a dedicated ELEMIS retail area. 

Enjoy some luxury at the Hilton, Ageas Bowl

Leonardo Royal Southampton Grand Harbour


Stay in the heart of Southampton at this impressive Southampton Waterfront Water Wellness Retreat.

With a stunning glass atrium and impressive spa, Leonardo Royal Hotel Southampton Grand Harbour has a Marco Pierre White Steakhouse Bar & Grill offering views across Southampton’s medieval city walls, lively bar, and sea views from many of the rooms.

The Rena Spa offers indulgent beauty treatments and therapies. You can relax in the sauna, bath spa, or beside the indoor swimming pool, with a modern fitness centre to get that heart pumping.

Waterfront Stays in Southampton

Southampton Holiday Inn


This IHG Hotel sits proudly next to the Southampton Cruise Terminal, right on the edge of the city centre. Well located to several attractions and things to do, it also boasts panoramic views of the Southampton waterfront. Clean and modern bedrooms invite you for a good night’s sleep with parking available onsite.

This hotel scores well for couples travelling to Southampton.

The Boathouse in Hythe


Stay in the picturesque Hythe, across the water from the city centre. This relaxing location is perfect for a balcony overlooking the Hythe marina, watching as the pleasure vessels come and go. The adjoining Boathouse Restaurant is ideal for dining with good value for money, British food with a seafood flair.

The Boathouse Hythe, Hotel in Hythe Southampton, Waterfront Hotel Southampton
Waterfront accommodation close to Southampton – Image credit: The Boathouse Hythe

Ennio’s Boutique Hotel


Stay in style at Ennio’s. This luxurious, inviting hotel overlooks Town Quay with calming waterfront views. Their contemporary rooms with oversized showers and exclusive bathrobes, feature solid oak furniture, working desks, the finest Egyptian cotton bedding, L’Occitane toiletries, large flatscreen televisions, business laptop safes, complimentary wi-fi, air conditioning and Cafe Du Monde hot beverages.

Ennio’s also has its own Italian restaurant located on the ground floor. Facing directly onto the old waterfront, this traditional homemade cuisine has been voted the best Italian restaurant in Hampshire. It’s also one of the top 10 in the UK. If you fancy Spanish Tapas, check out La Regata next door, a small authentic Spanish restaurant. Its interior decor,part of a lovingly converted old Victorian warehouse, is unique with its European flair whilst keeping the old nautical feeling alive.

Have you been to Southampton recently? Thinking about visiting this international maritime city for some Water Wellness in Southampton? What are your favourite water-related things to do in Southampton? We’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below.

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