Water Wellness

As someone facing challenges and struggles, who wants to find their inner strength to cope, with motivation and encouragement, Water Wellness is a holistic, powerful lifestyle concept.

Using the science of Blue Mind, with information, explanations, resources, toolkits, real-life examples and an online community that empowers people – being on, in, under or by the water helps find the ability to be resilient, becoming a stronger version of you. 

There are 6 continuous dimensions to Water Wellness:

  • Emotional
  • Spiritual
  • Physical
  • Intellectual
  • Social
  • Occupational

Working through these dimensions can lead to a healthier lifestyle, using the power of water around you. Allowing you to focus, remain calm and stay strong, you’ll feel like you can do whatever it takes to get you through.

There is only one you. Find your inner strength. Live your best life.

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What is Water Wellness?

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Where to start your Water Wellness journey?

Each question is there to introduce more focus, more calmness and more strength in your life. They will prompt you to take care of yourself, clear your mind, allow you to cope with the present moment and look forward to the future.
What is Blue Mind and the science behind it? Water Wellness - water on the brain

What is Blue Mind? The science behind it

For many of us, we are naturally drawn to the water’s edge. But why? Blue Mind is the scientific reasoning behind this feeling and happiness
Red Mind - What is it and the science behind it?

What is Red Mind? The science behind it

Red Mind is becoming more prevalent in our lives. It is potentially causing long-term damage, but thankfully Blue Mind can help balance us

The Six Dimensions that create strength from Water Wellness

These six dimensions create the foundation of Water Wellness, highlighting where focus and development is needed to help find your inner strength
Finding inner strength through Water Wellness

The creation of Water Wellness – a living example of its inner strength

Have you ever had a time in life when you literally did not know where you would find the strength to get through it? Let Water Wellness help you.
Human body shape of a running man filled with blue water on blue

How to improve your Physical Wellness through the power of water

Being connected to blue spaces through the power of Water Wellness can play a part in the levels and enjoyment of your physical well-being.
Just Breathe

The Benefits of Ujjayi Breath, known as Ocean Breath

The Ujjayi Breath, also known as the ocean breath because of the soothing sounds that your body makes with this exercise, can calm your mind
Beat Winter Blues with Water Wellness - man standing at the end of a jetty in winter overlooking the sunset

How to beat Winter Blues with Water Wellness

Check out these 15 useful tips to help beat the Winter Blues through the benefits to be gained from Water Wellness