Inspirational content to spend more time outdoors, in blue spaces and experiencing Water Wellness.

At Travel With No Anchor, we believe it should be easy to find water related activities and experiences when you head to your next destination. Sometimes that information is all over the place. Therefore, we decided to start putting it all in one! Whether you are looking for that perfect beach, boat hire for the day, a waterfront apartment with a view, or a romantic dinner overlooking the ocean, our mission is to be the best digital source of that information.

We’ve also recently started working on our Water Wellness travel guides. When you go away to somewhere new, your Wellness shouldn’t suffer. In fact, the absolute opposite. It should be empowered. That’s why we’ve created these guides to help you find Water Wellness during your next break – whether leisure or business – so you can keep embracing that healthier, happier you.

From Australia to the UK, from beaches to yachting, it’s all about embracing life.

Meet Gill – the inspiration behind the Water Wellness concept

Gill is a full-time water lover, writer and creator of Water Wellness. Whilst spending several years in Australia, she found a passion for being on, in, under or by the water whilst camping in the great outdoors.

Gill at Ryde Beach Isle of Wight
Hi, I’m Gill, the Founder and Content Creator of Travel With No Anchor & Water Wellness.
Nice to meet you

After a recent battle of kicking cancer’s butt, she found herself realigning her important values and purpose in life. Now back living on the stunning South Coast of the UK, she is inspiring and educating others on the power of Water Wellness – a holistic lifestyle concept including emotional, spiritual, physical, intellectual, social and occupational dimensions, where the impact of being in, on, under or by the water during times of struggle is incredibly positive.

When she can’t be found in a daydream near the water or bobbing on a kayak, you’ll catch her planning her next travel adventure or journaling to appreciate how great life really can be.

Want to know more about her story? Watch this incredible video about 2 years of her life that changed her forever…

What is the ‘no anchor’ all about?

No anchor means being constantly on the move, looking for the next new adventure. It also represents the water and boating side of the blog. Please don’t take it too literally though, especially when out in the boat fishing!

It also has a ‘metaphorical’ meaning as well. Anchors in life, such as financial struggles, jobs, fear, insecurities and lack of direction, can all weigh you down to prevent you from doing what you really want.

White stickman drags anchor behind them
Image credit: JasonBraiser.net

We all have anchors, some you can lift and carry without too many worries, but some can really get in the way. We’ll share what have been our anchors along the way and what we’ve done to work with them, rather than against them, being able to work towards our dreams of experiencing more and hopefully helping you do the same.

Feel free to get in touch with us at hello@travelwithnoanchor.com.

Thanks for reading, and from us to you… Live life and experience more 💙