Inspirational content to spend more time outdoors, in blue spaces and experiencing water activities.

From Australia to the UK, from boating to camping, it’s all about embracing life through blue space and water experiences.

Gill onboard Guava - Adelaide Sailing School
Hi, I’m Gill, Founder and Content Creator of Travel With No Anchor.
Nice to meet you!

When travelling, either further afield or in your own backyard, it can be hard to find all water-related information in one place. Think a day by the water, jumping onboard a boat trip, diving into the blue ocean for a snorkel, followed by alfresco dining along the waterfront, before retiring to that ocean view room for the night. 

Our guides are designed to help make your water-inspired break easier to plan. Find the ‘best of’ lists when looking to hire equipment, find the perfect rental or plan to spend the day by the most beautiful beach. Our mini and ultimate guides offer much more detail and cover most water activities and blue space within your chosen destination.

We really hope you enjoy these guides and if there is anything you would like to see here, please get in touch!

What is the ‘no anchor’ all about?

No anchor means being constantly on the move, looking for the next new adventure. It also represents the water and boating side of the blog. Please don’t take it too literally though, especially when out in the boat fishing!

It also has a ‘metaphorical’ meaning as well. Anchors in life, such as lack of savings, mortgages repayments, jobs, fear, insecurities and lack of direction can all weigh you down to prevent you from doing what you really want.

White stickman drags anchor behind them
Image credit: JasonBraiser.net

We all have anchors, some you can lift and carry without too many worries, but some can really get in the way. I’ll share what has been my anchors along the way and what I’ve done to work with them, rather than against them, being able to work towards my dream of experiencing more and helping you do the same.

I also a big believer in the Minimalist lifestyle. It has helped me really understand what is important, what I value most and have made some serious cash savings along the way. As well as reduced stress levels!

Feel free to get in touch with us at travelwithnoanchor@gmail.com.

Thanks for reading and from us to you… Live life and experience more 💙