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Regional Boat Licence Sessions in South Australia

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Throughout the year, regional communities and shows host their own Regional Boat Licence Sessions across South Australia.

Often advertised on Gumtree, Facebook or local papers, it’s great to see regional areas coming together. With the support of their local Marine Safety Officer, sessions are being held and the opportunity for tests to be completed without the need to come to trek into Adelaide.

The following 3 companies are also dedicated South Australia Boat Licence providers who hold sessions throughout the state:

ABC Boating

Boat Licence Provider SA

South Australia Boating Licence

These providers regularly hold training sessions in popular areas. If you cannot see a location near you, get in touch with them direct and if they can, they will arrange one for you.

Check out this post of local boat licence courses near you to find your next session across the whole of Australia.

What to expect?

These sessions are informative, with a training session first to cover all the key knowledge, then the opportunity to complete the test straight after. While all that knowledge is still fresh in your mind!

Please check that these sessions are being held by an authorised person and you are completing the appropriate SA Recreational boating licence test. If in doubt, contact your local Marine Safety Officer for confirmation.

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Special permits

12-15 years are often invited to attend the sessions to gain knowledge but check with the organiser to see whether they can complete the Special Permit theory test. A practical test is also required for a 12-15 year Special Permit which is organised through your local Marine Safety Officer.

Refresher training

The sessions are also a great way to refresh your previous knowledge, especially if you have picked up a bad habit or two! There could be a small charge to attend but it could be worth it to get you out of trouble on the water. Check with the organiser to see if this is possible at your next local training session.

Remember to have a read through of the SA Recreational Boating Safety Handbook first to help have a better understanding and jump online to OnDeck to practice example questions.

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Once you have passed the test, you can take it as evidence to your local Service SA centre and fill in an application form. If all the requirements are met, you can make the payment and be issued with your licence there and then.

Happy boating!

If you would like a shout out for your local boating licence event, get in touch with us and we’ll happily share it.

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