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Where to start your Water Wellness journey?

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Water + Wellness = Strength

Be Well.

Let’s begin your Water Wellness journey.

When was the last time you paused and reflected on your life? 

The first step in any wellness plan is to figure out where you’re starting from. Are you already fit and healthy? Or do you want to feel and look better? Do you have an illness that needs treatment? These questions will help you determine how much time and energy you can devote to improving your lifestyle.

The goal is to keep moving forward because that’s a part of who you are, what you do and what you want. That said, the start of any wellness journey should begin with goal setting. Knowing what’s important for your health and how you want to challenge yourself will guide a lot of the decisions you make. From these Water Wellness self-care questions, you will be able to start making and kicking your own goals.

Taking time out on the lake

It can be powerful to really consider the areas that are not working for you, and more importantly what you really want from your life. Your values and purpose are who you are, and if you are not living life by these, it can lead to a lot of wasted energy and increased stress.

We created a series of self-care questions that cover the 6 dimensions of Water Wellness – Emotional, Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Social and Occupational. These areas cover a wide spectrum where there should be a balance to find that equilibrium. 

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What is Red Mind? The science behind it

Each question is there to introduce more focus, more calmness and more strength in your life. They will prompt you to take care of yourself, clear your mind, allow you to cope with the present moment and look forward to the future. As you work through the questions, you’ll be guided into how Water Wellness could support each area. 

Here are a few examples of Water Wellness journey questions:

💦 Do you have a way of clearing your mind?

💦 What Blue Spaces can I use to feel more relaxed?

💦 Am I aware of Blue Mind and its positive impacts?

💦 Can I take up a new water-related activity to help me physically?

💦 Am I giving my body what it needs?

These aren’t quick fire questions. They may even prompt more questions. The answers may surprise you. But the important thing is you do something about them if you can do more for a better life. Start making goals from your thoughts and begin your Water Wellness journey to a stronger version of yourself.

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    There is only one of you. Find your inner strength. Live your best life.

    Water + Wellness = Strength

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