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The Best Cheap Boat Hire in Sydney

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Sydney, with its world-famous harbour, lined with unspoilt beaches is an idyllic location to explore by boat. It can also be one of the most expensive! Thankfully we’ve found a range of great cheap boat hire in Sydney to make this experience more affordable and enjoyable for all – with or without a boat licence.

Most boat hires in Sydney Harbour start around $350/$400 per hour, then doubling that cost if you were looking for a skipper. However, with self-drive hire options, you can get this cost to well under $50 and less per hour, normally with a minimum hire time period.

Looking to get the cheapest boat hire means considering small boat hire in Sydney so you can get more value for money. It also is cheaper to hire a boat during the day instead of at night time.

Most boat hire locations are within Sydney Harbour itself. This is ideal due to the calm nature of the water, meaning vessels such as pontoon boats are also available.

It’s worth checking out websites such as Groupon and Scoopon as they often run great deals throughout the year for cheap boat hire across Sydney locations.

1. Oz Boat Hire

For the cheapest boat hire in Sydney, check out Oz Boat Hire. They have a good range of small to medium-sized self-drive boats for hire. Boats are delivered to a boat ramp at Five Dock boat ramp (Drummoyne) or Ermington boat ramp.

Cheap boat hire in Sydney with Oz Boat Hire
Image credit: Oz Boat Hire

The Runabout and Bowrider are ideal for cruising, sightseeing and fishing within the harbour and waterways. The Center Cabin is much bigger and steadier, meaning it can be taken up to 9km offshore.

Oz Boat Hire rent out their boats by the full day. The Runabout starts from $400 per day ($50 per hour!) and the Center Cabin starts from $540 per day. These day prices are reduced for multi-day hire and there is an additional cost for fuel used.

A valid boat licence is needed for all boat hires.

2. Annadale Boat Hire

Sydney’s best kept secret is out!

Annadale Boat Hire offer cheap boat hire with their 7m Pontoon Boat as well as a 4m Tinnie. Both are available for self-drive boat rental and without the requirement for a boat licence.

The 7m Pontoon Boat is the ultimate self-drive party hire boat in Sydney. It seats up to 8 adults, but you must be happy to be quite close to each other if taking this many passengers. Prices start from $399 for 4 hours in the afternoon. There is an optional BBQ on board, with the mandatory Bluetooth speaker thrown in!

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The 4m Tinnie is great for a romantic cruise for 2 people or a fishing trip with 3-4 passengers, but this will be very cosy onboard! Prices start from $149 for 4.5 hours in the morning. Fishing rods and bait can be used and purchased for a small fee.

Training is given for both boats to hire, however, there is an additional charge for extra training if needed.

Annadale Boat Hire also have kayaks and SUPs available for rent.

3. Sydney Boat Hire

Another party pontoon boat is available from Sydney Boat Hire. These boats really are a lot of fun, especially on the calm waters of the harbour. They have 2 different pontoon boats – one for 7 passengers, the other for 12. Neither required a boat licence. Prices start from $345 for 4 hours.

Sydney Boat Hire also have a smaller Easyrider 509 for 5 passengers and a slightly larger Cruiseabout 610 for 8 passengers. These v-shaped hulls are a little faster on the water and perfect for exploring and fishing. Prices start from $350 for 4 hours and do require a boat licence.

They also come in as one of the cheapest boat hires in Sydney because they also include fuel and fishing licences!

4. East Sail Boat Hire

East Sail has 2 vessels available for self drive hire with no need for a boat licence.

Their Smartliner 17 is a basic half cabin boat for up to 4 people and is their cheapest boat hire. Prices start from $330 for 4 hours.

Arvor 20 (from $440 for 4 hours) carries up to 8 people on board and has a swim deck at the rear.

Arvor 23 (from $540 for 4 hours) is available for up to 7 people on board, with a diesel motor and electric winch. To hire this vessel, you do need to have some experience in motor boating.

East Sail also has a range of skippered motor boat hires, as well as sailing yachts and sailing school courses on offer. They are located at Darling Point within Sydney Harbour.

5. CCA Boat Hire

We love what CCA Boat Hire stand for and they are a good choice of cheaper boat hire in Sydney. Named after the initials of their 3 daughters, CCA Boat Hire offer a whole range of vessels, with or without a boat licence.

Image credit: CCA Boat Hire

CCA aren’t the cheapest boat hire in Sydney, but they aren’t far from it. Their cheapest boat hire is the Bow Rider starting from $550 for 5 hours rental. Not found with all boat hires in Sydney, they do offer some different towables available to hire for that added bit of fun!

Located in Putney, with CCA, you are paying for that bit of extra luxury from the perfect location.

6. Boab Boat Hire Pittwater

Head further north and you’ll find Boat Boat Hire in Pittwater. They currently offer 2 boats – their Center Cabin and Sports Rider where you can spend the day in Pittwater, Sydney Harbour, Roseville or Broken Bay. They bring the boat to you so their area also covers the beautiful harbour and waterways.

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Their Sports Rider starts from $495 for one day, with this day rate reducing with multi-day hire. This boat is licenced for 6 people.

Their Center Cabin starts from $545 for one day (again, reducing with multi-day hire). This boat is licenced for 7 people.

There may also be a small charge to deliver these boats within the Sydney Harbour area.

A valid boat licence is needed for both vessels.

Hiring a boat and where to go

When considering hiring a boat in Sydney, please be mindful of experience and confidence out on the water. It’s great that there are options for everyone to get out there and enjoy what’s on offer, but Sydney Harbour is the busiest port south of the equator. You and those on board with you will need to keep your eyes open for other vessels and know what to do in a difficult situation. Cruise liners. Ferries. That sort of thing!

The general rule is that if a boat licence isn’t required, the boat will be more restricted in its capable speed. This ensures the safety of those on board as well as others around you.

Training is offered before all boat hires – don’t be afraid to ask for more time if you are ever unsure of anything.

Wondering where to head to in the harbour? We love this sightseeing map from CCA Boat Hire and gives you an idea of what to explore:

You can also download the PDF here.

Image credit: CCA Boat Hire

A couple of other options to consider are Book My Boat which is an up and coming platform for the use of residential and commercial vessels. Also, Get My Boat, another growing platform that features more sailing boats if this is more of what you were thinking of hiring.

Have you found the cheapest boat hire in Sydney? We would love to know what you thought in the comments below.

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