Jet Ski Hire Adelaide

Where to find Jet Ski Hire in Adelaide

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Who wants to have some serious fun on the water with a jet ski in Adelaide? There are several places to find jet ski hire readily available around South Australia.  Some are available all year, some are seasonal.

Close to Adelaide’s CBD, you’ll find Adelaide Jet Ski Hire, 40 minutes south of the city, with their jet skis waiting in the water for you.

You may need to travel a little further across South Australia to find the rest of them!

Looking for boat hire? Find where you can find boat hire locations around Adelaide in this post. 

Are you looking to jump on a jet ski for the first time, or are you ready to take it out on the water on your own? There is a range of hires available. You can explore the Mighty Majestic River Murray for a more relaxed cruise or take to the open water for some serious wave jumping!

For newbies, remember jet skis are powerful and potentially dangerous if not used correctly. Why not try learning in a safe space in Goowla? Or a guided tour in O’Sullivans Beach or the Riverland to help build your confidence. A boat licence is not required for either of these experiences.

Jet Ski Hire Adelaide

For more experienced riders or anyone thinking about trying before you buy, there are also options available to use at your own leisure. For these experiences, you will need your own boat licence.

Find out how to get your licence in South Australia. Or find your nearest boat licence course around Australia here.

Have an interstate boat licence? It’s no problem to use your current interstate licence in South Australia for a period of up to 90 days. After that, you will need to apply for a South Australian licence.

If you think riding one of these is just like riding a motorcycle, you’d be so wrong! But boy, are they fun! With expert tuition and guidance on hand, you’ll be out enjoying and splashing around on the water in no time. A perfect way to cool down on a summer’s day!

Here’s where to find the best jet ski’s in Adelaide and surrounding areas:

Adelaide Jet Ski Hire

Adelaide’s newest Jet Ski hire company, Adelaide Jet Ski Hire is making some serious waves in O’Sullivans Beach, just a 40-minute drive south of Adelaide CBD. Here you’ll find new Sea-doo jet skis sparkling on the glistening water, just waiting for you to jump on and take them for a ride! It’s far too tempting to say no!

Hiring a jet ski is one of the best ways to explore Adelaide’s stunning coastline. Grab a ski and blast past Marino Rocks and its gorgeous rocky shores, catching glimpses of beautiful wildlife, dolphins and seals along the way!

No boat licence? Absolutely no problem! As these are guided tours, you don’t need a licence. Just bring along a form of official ID.

Jet Ski Tours offered from O’Sullivans Beach are the O’Sullys Jet Ski Adventure for 60 minutes, the O’Sully’s Coastal Safari for 90 minutes and the stunning Sunset Safari for 80minutes.

Riverland Jet Ski Hire

As part of the popular Loveday 4×4 Adventure Park, Riverland Jet Ski offers the best jet ski hire range. Situated near Barmera, this experience is a 3-hour drive from Adelaide’s CBD. If you are looking for a jet ski hire in Renmark, this is one of the closest options.

Jump on for a tag-along tour (no boat licence required) and take a guided cruise along the River Murray. There are 3 different jet ski tours available; a blast tour to Moorook, lazing around Loxton or heading out towards the locks with plenty of free time for some fun. A boat licence is not required as you are under the guidance of an instructor.

Riverland Jet Ski Tour, Jet Ski Hire Adelaide, Jet Ski Hire South Australia
Image credit: Riverland Jet Ski Hire website

Or why not make a holiday of it? This is the only experience available in South Australia and covers a massive 100km of water in 4 days! Travel the twists and bends from Wentworth to Echuca, and don’t forget to bring a waterproof camera! Bring your own swag or tent to begin your own true South Australian adventure. Packages are for 2 people sharing a jet ski (boat licence required). Food, travel and fuel costs are included for this bucket list expedition!

Day hire is available to explore the waters around Loveday Adventure Park. A boat licence is required, but you choose how to spend the day! Hit the water early, pack a picnic and explore some truly untouched parts of the river.

Not sure about which tour to do? Or want to create your own? Get in touch with Loveday Adventure, and they will be happy to create the right experience for you. 

Riverland Jet Ski Tour, Jet Ski Hire Adelaide, Jet Ski Hire South Australia
Image credit: Riverland Jet Ski Hire website

Want to make a full weekend of it? Is the inner thrill-seeker inside of you bursting to get out?! Loveday 4×4 Adventure Park offers serious adrenaline-pumping activities! From turbo buggy rides, V8 drifting laps, rally experiences, dirt obstacle courses and 4×4 tracks, there is enough to keep you entertained (and exhausted) the entire weekend. Set up camp next to the river and start enjoying your next adventure!

Find out more and how to book through their website. 

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Goowla Jet Ski

Tucked away just an hours drive south of Adelaide in the gorgeous Fleurieu Peninsula is Goolwa Jet Ski. This is a popular choice for jet skiing in Adelaide.

Make a day of it on the water in one of South Australia’s favourite areas to chill out and relax. Goolwa Jet Ski has perfect offers from beginners to more advanced skiers.

Hire a jet ski from 15 minutes to up to an hour and play in their marked-out area on the Goolwa river. This is the perfect area to practice safely, whilst friends and family watch with admiration from the riverbank!

No boat licence is needed for supervised hires for unlicensed riders. However, there needs to be a minimum of 1-hour hire booked 1 week in advance.

Just a note from our own experience, if you have been jet skiing before, you may find riding in this safe marked out area not the right experience for you. It’s great for beginners and to have a splash around in, but you may find yourself wanting more of a ride out in the open.

Goowla Jet Ski Hire, Jet Ski Hire Adelaide
Image credit: Goowla Jet Ski Hire website

If you are looking to take a passenger along for the ride, Goolwa Jet Ski requires the main rider to have a valid boat licence.

How about some jet ski lessons to build your confidence? Goolwa Jet Ski offer these too to take your skills to the next level. And with day also hire available, you can take a ski off to your next adventure destination! Day hire is not available during school holidays or weekends.

With both 2-seater jet skis and single freestyle skis available, there really is something for everyone!

Want something a bit more chilled out? Explore the Coorong with Kayaks and Paddle Boards also available to hire.

Find out more and how to book on their website. 

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Jet Tech Performance Jet Ski Hire

Situated in Mannum, about an hour and a half drive west of Adelaide, you’ll find Jet Tech Performance which hires jet skis for some serious fun close to the river.

Hire is available on a trailer-only basis; therefore, you can tow it to your destination and is available for a minimum of 1 day.

Jet ski hire is a perfect accompaniment to any water-based holiday. Something that all the family can enjoy. Soak up some sun whilst keeping cool, have some fun with a range of watersports or decide whether a jet ski purchase is right for you.

Jet Tech Performance also has a good range of new and used jet skis available for sale. They have also added tinny boat hire to their range of services.

Find out more on their website and how to book.

Wild Rides Jet Ski

***Wild Rides Jet Ski appears to no longer be in operation***

Wild Rides Jet Ski has now moved from West Beach, Adelaide, to Riverglen Marina on the Mighty Murray River, 50 minutes from the city centre.

For more updates on their location, follow them on Facebook.

Jet Ski Hire, Jet Ski Hire Adelaide, Jet Ski Hire South Australia, Jet Ski Hire West Beach

We spent an afternoon with Wild Rides and enjoyed getting to know them when they were in West Beach. Find out more about them here, what we love about the Wild Rides concept and what to expect on one of their jet ski tours.

Join Jono, a jet ski enthusiast, as he guides you onto the open river on one of their guided tours. No boat licence or experience is needed.

With 2 skis available to hire, up to 4 people can join a tour at the same time. Take the Ultimate Adventure Tour for 90 minutes to really experience the river, or have a blast on The Wild Ride for 60 minutes of pure adrenaline.

Or why not take the Discovery Private Tour? This 3-hour tour is truly a unique way to explore the majestic River Murray and one for your South Australian Bucket List!

With 3 jet ski guided tours to choose from, there really is something for everyone. The best bit is they are great value for money as their jet ski hire price are affordable, especially if sharing the cost with 2 people per ski.

Wild Jet Ski also have Stand Up Paddleboard hire available. The team are happy to assist with some instruction if this is your first time. The river is the ideal place for calm waters; perfect for finally getting upright on the paddleboard for more than just a few seconds!

Book your tour online today, or give an adrenaline lover you know a gift voucher for that special occasion!

Where’s your favourite place to hire a jet ski in Adelaide? Or your favourite area to ride around? We’d love to know your thoughts – leave us a comment below!

Happy Jet Skiing!

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